All Things Bright And Beautiful Poem Question Answer Summary And MCQ Test

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All Things Bright And Beautiful Poem Question Answer Summary And MCQ Test
All Things Bright And Beautiful

Poet C. F. Alexander

The text All things bright and beautiful

All things bright and beautiful,

All creatures great and small,

All things wise and wonderful,

The Lord God made them all.

Each little flower that opens, 

Each little bird that sings, 

He made their glowing colours, 

He made their tiny wings. 

The purple-headed mountain, 

The river running by, 

The sunset and the morning, 

That brightens up the sky. 

The cold wind in the winter, 

The pleasant summer sun, 

The ripe fruit in the garden, 

He made them everyone. 

The tall trees in the green wood, 

The meadows where we play, 

The rushes by the water, 

We gather every day. 

He gave us eyes to see them, 

And lips that we might tell 

How great is God Almighty, 

who has made all things well. 

SUMMARY of all things bright and beautiful

The poem "All Things Bright and Beautiful" of C.F. Alexander is a hymn to God for his bright and beautiful creation of the world of things. The Lord God has created all the things bright and beautiful, creatures great and small and all things wise and wonderful. He has given bright colours to each little flower that blossoms. He has given tiny wings to each little bird that sings. The mountains, rivers and the sky created by Him are also bright and beautiful. The top of the mountain looks purple or bluish-red during the sunrise and sunset. The river that flows near the mountain looks bright and beautiful because of the reflection of sun rays in the morning and evening.The rays of the setting and morning sun also brighten the sky.

          The Lord God is also the creator of the cold wind that flows in the winter as well as the pleasant summer sun. He is also the maker of the ripe fruit in the garden. He has made everything. 

        The poet has described the tall trees of green wood, meadows and rushes as a part of nature. In the green wood one can enjoy the beauty of the tall trees. It is a beautiful scene to see. There are many open areas of grassland called meadows where we come to play. The rushes have grown by the waterside which are collected everyday. 

        In the last stanza, the poet describes the importance of eyes and lips that the God  has given us. He also describes the greatness of God who has made all things well. God has given us eyes to see all bright and beautiful things. He has also given us the lips so that we can tell and discuss His creations. 

       The Almighty God, who has made everything bright and beautiful, great and small and wise and wonderful, is really great. 

Question Answer

1. What does the poet think of all things ? 

Ans. The poet thinks of all things in this universe as beautiful, wise and wonderful. 

2. Who has made all these things ? 

Ans. The Lord God has made all these things. 

3. What are the little things mentioned in the poem ? 

Ans. The little things mentioned in the poem are colourful flowers in bloom and the singing birds with tiny wings. 

4. How does the poet describe the beauty of flowers ? 

Ans. The poet describes the beauty of flowers as bright with a soft warm light. 

5. How does the poet describe the little birds? 

Ans. The little birds have tiny wings and they sing sweetly. 

6. How Is the mountain described in the poem ? 

Ans. The mountain-top is purple-headed, that is it looks purple in the rays of the setting sun. 

7. Why does the mountain appear purple-headed ? (Intext book: Why does it appear so?) 

Ans. The mountain appears purple-headed because the rays of the setting sun fall on it.

8. What brightens up the sky? 

Ans. The morning brightens up the sky. 

9. How does the sky look at sunset? 

(not : during the sunset) 

Ans. At sunset the sky looks red, filled with the red glow of the setting sun. 

10. Which are the two seasons mentioned in the poem? 

Ans. The two seasons mentioned in the poem are the winter and the summer. 

11. Why does the poet consider the summer sun pleasant? 

Ans. The poet considers the summer sun to be pleasant because in England the summer is temperate, that it has a mild temperature without extremes of heat or cold. 

12. What do we enjoy in the green wood ? Ans. We enjoy watching the sight of tall trees and walking in the woods. 

13 How are meadows useful to us? (not : useful for) 

Ans. Meadows are useful to us because we play different games there. 

14. Where do the rushes grow ? 

Ans. The rushes grow in or near water. 

15. Why do people gather the rushes? Ans. People gather the rushes because they are dried up and made into mats, baskets, etc. 

16. Why has God given us eyes? 

Ans. God has given us eyes to see and enjoy the beauty of His creation. 

17. Why has God given us the power of speech? (in Textbook : What should our lips tell?) 

Ans. God has given us the power of speech to praise His greatness as the Maker of all things. 

18. How does the poet describe God ?

Ans. The poet describes God as the Maker of all things bright and beautiful, great and small, and wise and wonderful. He is Almighty and has given us eyes to see His creation and speech to praise His greatness as the master architect of the universe. 

19. Poet describes many things in the poem. Make a list of the things described in the poem. 

Ans. The things described in the poem are little flowers of glowing colours, little songbirds with tiny wings, the purple-headed mountain, the river flowing softly, the sunset, the bright morning, the cold winter, the pleasant summer sun, ripe fruit in the garden, tall trees in the green wood, the meadows where we play, the rushes by the river and above all, His gift of eyesight and speech to us. 

Extra question answer

1. Which of the things are bright and which of the things are small? 

Ans. Little flowers with glowing colours and the purple-headed mountain are bright. Flowers in bloom and birds and their wings are small. 

2. Which are the lines in the poem where the poet expresses his gratitude to God? Ans. The lines in the poem where the poet expresses his gratitude to God are - 

"He gave us eyes to see 

And lips that we can tell ...." 

3. Is this poem a description or a prayer ? Ans. This poem is a description of the glory of God's creation. 

4. Why do you think so ? 

Ans. We think so because the poet gives a vivid description of the various things we see all around us. 

Write about how trees are useful to mankind as well as all living beings


Trees are very useful to man. They give us fruit to eat, and firewood to burn. One can rest under their cool shade. We get timber from trees to make furniture, windows and doors of our houses. Trees attract clouds and cause rainfall. They also make the land fertile. They provide us with oxygen. They take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. As you know man needs oxygen to breathe and live. So we see trees being planted along mountain slopes, on roadsides, in parks and gardens. They add life to a place with their colourful flowers, beautiful leaves, fruit and thick trunks. They provide shelter to birds and animals. 

          Moreover, a well-watered tree produces clean cool air. Trees filter dust and pollen and absorb chemical pollutants from the air. They help reduce noise by fifty per cent. Some trees with their large leaves break the force of the rain and the rain water falls to the ground gently and percolates into the soil. This helps prevent the top soil from being washed away. Thus trees check soil erosion, which prevents the rich top soil from being washed away by rain water and floods. 

           Trees are our best friends. We should protect them and try to plant more trees around us. This is the only way we can save our earth. 

Long question answer

1. Why does the poet praise God in this poem? 

Ans: The poet praises God in this world because He has made all things bright and beautiful. He has created the big and small creatures, colourful flowers and tiny wings of birds. He has also created the purple headed mountains, and the sunrise and the sunset. The cold wind that blows during the winter is God's wonderful creation. God, who has created all these things in a very thoughtful way, is really great. 

2. Why is the summer sun pleasant ? 

Ans: Summer comes after Winter & it gives a great relief to the winter-hit people. The summer sun is warm and comfortable in Ireland and provides a good time to enjoy. The poet belongs to this cold country. In his view the summer sun is really enjoyable and pleasant. 

3. Why has God given us eyes and lips ? 

Ans: God has given us eyes to see all things bright and beautiful. He has given us lips to say how great the Almighty is. In this poem, the poet says that He has given us eyes and lips to admire His greatness. 

4. What do we enjoy around us ? 

Ans: We enjoy many things around us such as the beautiful sunrise and sunset, trees and flowers, rivers and mountains, birds and animals. We smell the fragrance of flowers and feel the change of seasons. We enjoy the sweet twittering of the birds, glowing colours of the flowers, beautiful sights of the forests and mountains around us. 

5. Why does the mountain top look purple? 

Ans: During the sunset the sun casts red light. The mountain tops are generally blue as they are covered with trees. The rays of the setting sun fall on the mountain tops and turn them purple. So, the poet describes it nicely as a purple headed mountain. 

6. What does the poet say about the morning? 

Ans: The sun rises in the morning, and the bright rays of the sun fall on the earth. The earth and the sky look bright. According to the poet the morning brightens-up the sky after the sunrise. 

7. What does the poet say about the two seasons, Winter and Summer ? 

Ans. The poet C.F Alexander has mentioned two seasons in the poem they are Winter and Summer.In winter cold wind blows. In summer the sun is pleasant. The poet says so as she belongs to Ireland, which is a cold country. In cold countries moderate temperature prevails even in Summer. 

8. How would you estimate God ? 

Ans: In the poem "All things bright and beautiful", C.F Alexander praises the greatness of God. According to the poet God has created all things and all creatures wisely and wonderfully. God has very nicely blessed us with beautiful and attractive sights, sweet and musical sounds, sweet smell and enjoyable feelings. So the poet says, God is great and He has created everything wise and well for us. 

MCQ question answer All Things Bright and Beautiful

1. According to the poet C.F. Alexander all things have been made by________.





2. The poet says, ‘All things are bright and beautiful’, similarly, all things are_________

bright and useful

wise and wonderful

wise and useful

bright and wonderful

3. What has God Given to the little birds?

tiny wings

Glowing colours

Beautiful beaks

Small legs

4. The flowers are beautiful because of their _________.



nice fruits

glowing colours

5. Flower is to open as bird is to_______.





6. ‘The mountain’, in the poem ‘All Things are bright and beautiful’ is described as_______.

Blue coloured

Black headed

Purple headed

Dark headed

7. In the expression “Purple headed mountains”: purple headed means:

Black and white

Ⓑ bluish- red

red and yellow

dark and red

8. God has given ________ wings to birds.




none of these

9. The river runs by the_______.





10. What brightens up the sky ?

The morning

The sunset

The night

The morning and the sunset

11. The wind is _______ in winter.





12. According to the post, the summer sun is _______.





13. The poet describes that the fruits in the garden are________.





14. Where can we find tall trees as described in ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ “

In the green wood

by the road side

In the field

On the river- side

15. The summer sun is pleasant to the poet because_______.

he is ill

he belongs to a cold country

the summer lasts for a short period

He likes summer sun

16. Where do we play according to C.F. Alexander ?

in the meadows

in the garden

in the forest

in the houses

17. Where do rushes grow ?

in the garden

By the road side

in the field

By the water

18. What do we gather every day as stated by C.F. Alexander?





19. Why Has God given us eyes according to the poet ?

To see his beautiful creation

To read books

To look at the sky

To sleep at night

20. In the line ‘He gave us eyes’, ‘He’ stands for_________.





21. Why has God given us lips?

To sing songs

To talk with others

To deliver speech

To tell that God is great

22. Who has made all things well ?





23. Who, according to the poet, is almighty ?





24. God is almighty means :

God can see everything.

God can do everything.

God is most powerful.

God loves all.

25. When does the sky look bright ?

in the morning

in the evening

both in the morning and in the evening

at night

26. The poet of the poem “All Things bright and Beautiful” is __________.

Sarojini Naidu

C.F. Alexander

T.S. Eliot

Ben Johnson

27. What are the little things that the poet talks about ?

men and animals

animals and birds

flowers and birds

trees and fruits

28. According to the poet, man should be grateful to God because_________.

God has made everything

God is almighty

God is helpful

God knows everything

29. By ‘purple- headed mountain’, the poet talks about_________.

the foot of the mountain

the top of the mountain

the side of the mountain

the middle of the mountain

30. The poem “All Things Bright and Beautiful has been included in ________.

Hymn for children

Christmas cool

Once in Royal David’s Day

Verses for Holly season

31. In the line ‘He made their glowing colours the word ‘their’ refers to_________.





32. In the line he made their tiny wings’ the word ‘their refers to_______.




all things

33. ‘Hymn’ means_______.

a narrative play

a song of praise

an interesting song

a pleasant fable

34. _________that brightens up the sky.

the sun

Ⓑ the morning

the sunset

the sunset and the morning

35. What do we see in the green wood ?




tall trees

36. “The purple-headed mountain” The underlined word means_______.


yellowish blue

bluish- red


37. The little flowers are attractive because of ________.

Their glowing colour and fragrance

Their little petals

Their timely appearance on the earth

Their beauty and smallness

38. The little things described in the poem are________.

beautiful flowers and the blue sky

song birds and dense forests

the summer sun and the woodland

little flowers and little birds

39. “Each little flower that opens”. Here “opens” means_______.






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