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the rainy season essay in english. rain season essay

the rainy season essay in english

the season I like most. The Rainy season essay in English



[ Hints : Seasons in India- The Rainy season- Description of the season- Give reasons as to why you like it. ]

Seasons in India:

       We feel six seasons in India. They are the Summer season, the Rainy season, The Autumn season, The Dewy season, the Winter season and the spring season. 

Description of the Rain Season:

    Among the six seasons I like Rainy season the most. In the summer season extreme heat and dearth of water make people worried and disgusted. In winter people suffer colds as they don't have rich clothings. They face fire accidents. But the Rainy season does not give any pain to common people. 

The Rainy Season:

       The first shower after the hot summer is pleasant. In this season the sky remains cloudy and there is rainfall most of the time. It is the season of thunder, lightning and rain. The rivers, ponds, wells, reservoirs, lakes, etc. are full of water. This season is a friend of the plant kingdom. Trees get new life in this season. It is the best season for the farmers.They plough the land, sow the seeds and grow their crops and work happily in the rain. They float paper boats in rain-water and enjoy it. Many kinds of vegetables grow in this season. Varieties of flowers are found in this season. 

Festivals in the Rain Season:

  The Ratha Jatra (Car festival), Janmastami, Rakhi Purnima etc. are the best festivals of this season. People rejoice to the fullest extent during these Festivals. They forget their sorrows and sufferings in these ways. 

Crops harvest in the Rainy Season:

      The main crops, paddy and jute grow in this season. Many sweet and juicy fruits like cherry, plum, peach, jamun, litchi, pomegranate and apple are found in plenty in this season. Varieties of vegetables like lady finger, sweet potato, tomato, brinjal are also grown in this festival. 

Flower blooms in the Rainy season:

The season I like most. The Rainy season

    There are many bright coloured flowers that bloom in the rain season. They are called the monsoon flowers. Such flowers that are blooming are Hibiscus, Lotus, Lilies, Gulmohar, Jasmine, Marigold, Plumeria, Monsoon Cassia, Balsam, Cosmos, Sunflower etc.

Disadvantages of the Rainy Season:

        As we know every coin has two sides, The Rainy season also has its disadvantages. At times epidemics like cholera, diarrhea etc. breakout.Sometimes the rivers overflow and damage crops. Poor people suffer as they don't have good houses. The village roads are seen muddy in this season. Sometimes a lot of heavy rain causes floods. Due to heavy rain the river got filled with water and cracked the barricades. The Rainy water come to the village and lot of people suffering by this flood


       In spite of the troubles everyone likes the rainy season the best because it is a friend to all. This season gives us food and water. It washes away all refuges and makes the air pure. Thus, we welcome the rainy season and like it the most.

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