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10 Class BSE Odisha Important English Long Question Answer PDF

english long question and answer

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english long question and answer

10 Class BSE Odisha Important English Long Question Answer

         All Things Bright and Beautiful 

Q.1. How would you estimate God in the poem “All things Bright and Beautiful “ ? 

    Ans: In the poem “All things Bright and Beautiful “the poet praises the greatness of God. The Lord God has created all things bright and beautiful, wise and wonderful, all creatures great and small. He has given bright colours to each little flower that blossom. He has given tiny wings to each little bird that sings. He also created mountains that look purple headed during sunrise and sunset. The summer sun is warm and pleasant in cold country. We gather rushes that grown by the water for making mat, basket etc. God has made ripe fruits in the garden. We can enjoy the beauty of tall trees in the green wood. A meadow is an open area we play there. God has given us eyes and lips to say how the almighty God is great.                              

                       A Letter to God

Q.2. Who was Lencho? Why did he write a letter to God? What did he request in his letter to God ?

    Ans: Lencho was a farmer, lived in a solitary house on the top of a low hill. He was an ox of man. He hoped for a downpour of rain which was the only thing the earth needed for a good harvest. When big rain drops started to fall, Lencho went outside and felt the pleasant raindrops as new coins. Suddenly a strong wind began to blow with hailstones. After for an hour the hailstorm the corn fields looked white as if covered with salt. The corn fields were totally destroyed. Lencho had deep faith in God. Lencho wrote a letter to God asking for one hundred pesos. The postmaster was an amiable person who read the letter. In order not to shake Lencho's faith in God, he decided to answer the letter. The postmaster sent seventy pesos. After getting the letter Lencho didn't show a slightest surprise. But he became angry while counting the money. He knew it well that neither God could have mistake nor could have denied what he had asked for. He thought the post office employee bunch of crooks. So he wrote the second letter requested God not to send the money by mail.                                            

                          The Solitary Reaper

Q.3. How does the poet bring out the beauty of the song of the poem “the solitary reaper”?

     Ans : In this poem, the poet tells us about a girl a highland lass who is in a field alone. As she is harvesting her crops she is singing a sad tune which echoes in the deep valley. The poet tells us that no nightingale and cuckoo bird has sung a song in the deserts more beautiful than the girl. Her singing is the only sound breaking the silence in the Hebrides. The poet has no clue of what song is about the girl sings. The poet resigns himself not to find out the theme of her never ending song. The beauty of the girl’s song captured the heart of the poet. The poet heard it after was heard no more.


                             At The High School

Q.4. What did Gandhiji say about his studies and conduct in the early days at the school? How Gandhi spent his school life ?

Ans : Mahatma Gandhi was not a bad student. Teachers liked him. He won prizes after he had passed out the second standard. He got four and ten rupees as scholarship in fifth and sixth standards. He thanked his good luck more for this. Gandhi was very much careful about his character. He got physical punishment for his own mistake. DorabjiEduljiGimi was the headmaster who popular for being discipline. Gymnastics and cricket were made compulsory for upper standard boys. Gandhi did not like any physical exercise because he serves his father as a nurse after school. Gandhi had a false notion that games had nothing to do with education. Later his view about game and physical exercise has changed. He learned that a man of truth must also be a man of care. His view on handwriting were that good handwriting is a necessary part of education. A child should first be taught to draw objects and then learn handwriting. Sanskrit was introduced in fourth standard. Gandhi considered Sanskrit harder than Geometry. Mr. Krishanashankar Pandey was his Sanskrit teacher. His study of Sanskrit helped him in studying and understanding the holy Hindu books. Gandhi had deep love and respect for all his teachers.                                

                             Village Song

Q.5. What is the poem Village Song about ? What is the conversation between a mother and daughter ?

Ans: The poem Village Song is in the form of a dialogue between a mother and her daughter. The honey child wanted go to the wild forest. She leaves her mother who has so lovingly served her. The girl grieves her lover who is due to marry her. The wild forest has Champa boughs laden with Champa buds. Lotues and Lilies sparkle in the Koil haunted river isles. The call of the fairy folk is heard in the wild forest. The world is full of pleasure means the pleasure of bridal songs, cradle songs, bridal robes and bridal cakes. The poet describes happiness and sorrow by using two metaphor such as laughter of the sun and the wind of death. The poet says that bridal songs and cradle songs have the reason of sorrow but forests notes are far sweeter as they have no reason.

          Festivals of North-East India

Q.6. How are the festival of northeast significant ?

Ans: People of North-East India celebrate many festivals are based on agriculture and religion. Most of their celebrations having agricultural activities and religious ceremonies. They offer prayers to God and thank him for giving them good harvest. They also pray to guide the souls to heaven and drive away evil spirits. Some festivals like Karachi Puja and Saga Dawa are completely religious festival. The northeast people also celebrate their cultural heritage and pass down their oral history to the next generation. Many tribes use such occasions as opportunities to keep their tradition alive and going.

Q.7. What are the major festivals of Assam ?

Or What is Bihus ? How is these observed ?

Ans: Bihus are the major festivals of Assam. There are three types of Bihu such as Rongali Bihu, Kongalli Bihu and Bhogali Bihu. Rongali Bihu is celebrated in mid April with the onest of spring and the beginning of the sowing season. Kongali Bihu is celebrated in mid-october when fields are lush but barns are empty. On this occasion people pay to God for good harvest and to guide soul to heaven. Bhogali Bihu is observed in mid January which symbolises the end of the harvest season. It is a thanksgiving festival when the crops have been harvested and the barns are full.

              From the Formalin Jar

Q.8. how does the title from the Formalin Jar is justified ?  

Who is Vicky ? How did he meet his tragic death ? What happened to his family ?

Ans: The poem from the Formalin Jar is about road safety. It create an awareness of road safety rules. The brilliant brain of Vicky is inside the formal Jar. The brain is put inside the Formalin Jar so as to serve as a specimen. Vicky was a young boy. He was very strong and genius. He is fond of maths and computer. The motto of Vicky's life was no pain no gain. Vicky loved his parents dearly. On a wet monsoon day he rode his bike to his friend who was living in the next lane. Wiki always used helmet but that day he did not put it on. On his way he met with an accident only in a moment and Vicky lost his life due to heat simple carelessness. The death of Vicky was is irepairable and a great loss to the family. The happy family suffered a lot. The poet as a doctor wants to share the message that everybody should drive safe on road. Show the poet has used the phrase DRIVE SAFE using capital letters.

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10 Class Bse Odisha Important English Long Question Answer 

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