The Beggar Story Summary And Question Answer With MCQ Test PDF

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The Beggar 
Anton Chekhov 

The Beggar Story Summary And Question Answer With MCQ Test PDF

Summary of the story the beggar

           At the beginning of the story, we see Lushkoff, the beggar, was begging. He was requesting the people to have pity for him, to turn their attention to a poor, hungry man like him. He had not taken anything for three days. He did not have five copecks for lodging. He told that he was a school teacher in a village for eight years. Then he lost the place for a secret plan. He told that he was unemployed for one year. 

          Advocate Sergei looked at the ragged fawn-coloured overcoat of that man. He could recognise him. Sergei's eyes fell on the man's overshoes, one of which was high and the other low, He suddenly remembered that he met that beggar the day before yesterday in Sadovaya Street who had told him that he had been expelled as a student. He was not a teacher. At first Lushkoff did not hesitate to stick to his words. When Sergei became angry and threatened to call the police, he admitted that he was lying. He was neither a student nor a school teacher. All was fiction. Formerly he was singing in a Russian choir and was sent away for drunkenness. Since then he was doing nothing. 

      Sergei has asked him if he could work. When he had responded positively, he had taken him to chop wood for him. So first Sergei engaged him in chopping wood. Then Sergei called his cook Olga to take this gentleman into the wood shed to chop wood. 

        The beggar was looking like a scarecrow who had not the slightest inclination for labour. He went to chop wood because he had been trapped by his own words. He was unhealthy and his strength has been undermined by vodka. When the cook and the beggar went to the woodshed, it was seen by Sergei from the window of the dining room. They made their way across the dirty snow to the shed. Olga looked at him angrily, opened the shed and banged the door. He was given a log but was lost in thought with his red cheeks resting on his fists. The woman threw an axe at his feet and he was given a thick piece of wood, but he was unable to chop the wood. At this Sergei's anger had vanished. He felt ashamed of himself for sending a weak drunkard to chop wood. 

       An hour later Olga came and announced that the wood had been chopped. The beggar was given half a rouble. He came on the first of the month and earned half a ruble. From that day on he often appeared in the yard and every time work was found for him. 

       Then he was engaged to shovel snow, put the wood shed in order, beat the dust out of rugs and mattresses. He received from twenty to forty copecks. Even a pair of old trousers was sent out for him. 

      When Sergei moved into another house, he hired him to help in the packing and hauling of the furniture. This time the beggar was sober, gloomy and silent. He only shivered in the cold. He hardly touched the furniture and walked behind the wagons hanging his head. Sergei became pleased at his behaviour and asked what his name was. He said that his name was Lushkoff. After being satisfied on him, Sergei offered him some cleaner employment. He gave him a letter to meet one of his friends. He was given some copying to do. He advised him not to drink and work hard. After being engaged in copying, from that day forth Lushkoff came no more to the yard for work. 

         After two years, Sergei met a gentleman at the ticket window of a theater. He came to know that he was Lushkoff who was a notary then and was paid thirty-five roubles per month. Sergei thanked him and he was delighted. They recollected unhappy moments of the past days. He thanked Sergei for his kind words and deeds, He was grateful to him and his cook and told to be indebted for them to his dying day.

       He became highly obliged to the cook. When he went to chop the wood, the lady cook had told him a lot of things to let him know his condition. She even used to chop the wood for him. The beggar had not chopped one single stick of wood. Everything was done by the cook. Owing to her words and noble deeds, a change took place in his heart. She set him right. So Lushkoff had changed his mind and attitude. The bell rang. Lushkoff bowed and departed to the gallery.

Glossary (word meaning) of the beggar

pity - kindness

attention - take notice

copecks - a Russian coin

swear - promise

intrigues - secret plan

ragged - wearing old torn clothes

dull - laziness

offer - chance

mendicant - beggar

ashamed - feel shame

obliged - compelled morally

circumstances - situation

expel - to send someone out by force

mumble - to speak indistinctly

taken aback - became surprise

flush - to be red in anger 

disgust - strong disapproval

dishonesty - not honesty

swindling - cheating a person of money

damn - curse 

choir - a singing party

chop - to cut in to pieces

hastened - quickened

scarecrow - very thin

shrugged - lifted lightly

perplexity - puzzle, entangle

irresolutely - lack of eagerness

obvious - clear

gait - manner of walk 

consent - to agree with

undermined - weakened

inclination - desire

glared - stared angrily

shoved - pushed carelessly

banged - put down forcefully

scat - imitative 

scold - rebuke

billet - a thick piece of wood

tapped - stroked with a quick blow

feebly - weakly 

spoiled - ruined

menial labour - physical work

waif - a homeless person

rugs - small carpet or thick woolen blanket

sober - serious 

gloomy - feeling depression

tattered - in poor condition

indebted - grateful

fiction - invented story

roasting - severe criticism

sot - someone who is drunk all the time

Question answer of the story the beggar

The Beggar Story Summary And Question Answer With MCQ Test PDF

Comprehension check - I

1. Who are the characters described in this part of the story ? What do they do ?

Ans: The characters described in this part of the story are Sergei, an advocate and Lushkoff, a beggar.

2. What country are they from ? How do you know this ? 

Ans : They are from Russia. We know this from the word 'Copecks' which means 'one-hundredth of a rouble. 'Rouble is the Russian monetary unit. 

3. What did the beggar look like ? 

Ans : The beggar wore a ragged, fawn-coloured overcoat. He had dull, drunken eyes and had red spots on either cheek. 

4. Did Sergei get angry with the beggar ? Why ? 

Ans: Yes, Sergei got angry with the beggar. It was so because the beggar was lying to him. He said that he had been a school teacher and lost his job. Then he said he had a offer of a position in the province of Kaluga, for which he needed money. But two days before he had told him that he had been a student and had been expelled. 

5. Do you think the beggar was lying ? What made him tell lies ? 

Ans : Yes, we think the beggar was lying. His being addicted to excessive drinking and consequently losing his job as a singer in a Russian choir and being out of work made him tell lies. 

6. Did Sergei help the beggar to find work? What kind of work did he suggest to the beggar ? (not : for the beggar) 

Ans : Yes, Sergei helped him to find work. He suggested to the beggar that he should chop wood for him. 

7. The advocate asked the beggar to do hard work like chopping wood. Was it a punishment or a help? 

Ans: Doing hard work like chopping wood was no punishment since in those days even skilled woodcutters were out of work. 

8. Do you think the beggar would give up begging and work for Sergei ? 

Ans: Yes, I think the beggar would give up begging and work for Sergei since he seems to repent of his habit of drinking and telling lies. 

The Beggar Story Summary And Question Answer With MCQ Test PDF


1. What is this part of the story about ? Did Lushkoff agree to chop wood for Sergei ? 

Ans : This part of the story is about Lushkoffl's ordeal of chopping wood in spite of his not feeling the slightest inclination for toil. Yes, he agreed and chopped wood for Sergei. 

2. What did Sergei see from the window of the dining room ? 

Ans : From the window of the dining room Sergei saw the cook and the beggar come out into the yard by the back door and make their way across the dirty snow to the woodshed. He also saw Lushkoff sitting on a log and become lost in thought. 

3. What other work did Lushkoff have to do besides chopping wood ? 

Ans : Besides chopping wood, Lushkoff had to shovel snow, put the wood shed in order, and beat the dust out of rugs and mattresses. 

4. What kind of person was Sergei - kind or cruel ? How do you know this ?

Ans: Sergei was really kind-heart. He felt a little sorry and ashamed of himself for having set a spoiled, drunken, perhaps sick man to work at menial labour in the cold. 

5. Sergei said, "Well, I am happy that my words have taken effect'. Why did Sergei say so ? Is he right in saying this ? 

Ans: Sergei is right in saying this. He felt that his words had brought about a profound change in Lushkoff and reformed him, He said this when he found Lushkoff sober, gloomy, and silent while doing the work assigned to him properly at the lime of his moving into another house. 

6. Did Lushkoff know how to read and write ? What did Sergei want Lushkoff to do to earn money ? (not : for earning money) 

Ans : Yes, Lushkoff knew how to read and write. Sergei wanted Lushkoff to do some copying sincerely so that he could earn money and live peacefully. 

7. Do you expect that Lushkoff will get a better Job and he won't come to Sergei to chop wood? (not : for chopping) 

Ans: We very much expect that Lushkoff will get a better job and won't come to Sergei again to chop wood since we know he has turned over a new leaf (= improved his conduct) and realized his folly. 

The Beggar Story Summary And Question Answer With MCQ Test PDF


1. When and where did Sergei meet Lushkoff ? How was Lushkoff dressed ? 

Ans : Sergei met Lushkoff two years later at a theatre. Lushkoff was wearing a coat collar of curly fur and a worm sealskin cap. 

2. What work did Lushkoff do then ? How much salary did he get every month ? 

Ans: Then Lushkoff did the work of a notary, that is he drew up or attested contracts, pro- tests, bills of exchange, etc. Every month he got a salary of thirty-five roubles. 

3. Did Sergei become happy to see the former beggar in a different form? How do you know this? 

Ans: Yes, Sergei became overwhelmed with joy to see the former beggar in a different form. We know this from Sergei's statements that Lushkoff was his godson and he was proud of pushing him along the right path. He also regretted that he had given him a lot of roasting. 

4. Was Lushkoff very grateful to Sergei ? Which statement(s) say so ? 

Ans: Yes, Lushkoff was deeply grateful to Sergei. His statements that if he had not gone to him then, he might still have been calling himself a teacher or a student to that day and that he had dragged himself out of a pit by flying to his protection. This shows his deep sense of gratitude to Sergei. 

5. Who really saved and changed the beggar's life and how ? 

Ans : Sergei, the advocate, really saved and changed the beggar's life by making him undergo a lot of hardship. giving him a push along the right path and by giving him a roasting. that is, by talking angrily to him in order to tell him that he disapproved of his behaviour. 

6. What made the beggar stop drinking ? 

Ans : Olga's reminding the beggar that there was nothing but ruin for him, her suffering and many tears she shed for his sake and above all her words and noble deeds made him stop drinking. 

7. Which character in the story do you like most ? Support your answer with suitable reasons. 

Ans : In the story we like Olga, the cook, most. The beggar's profound change into a respectable notary was possible only for her. She was full of kindness for Lushkoff, chopped the wood for him all along, suffered misery for him, Owing to Olga's words and noble deeds, such a spectacular change came over the beggar. Hence our deep admiration for the good and noble woman. 

Writing long question answer The Beggar Story Summary And Question Answer With MCQ Test PDF

1. Who were Sergei and Lushkoff ? Describe their first meeting. 

Ans: Sergei was an advocate and Lushkoff was a beggar. Lushkoff narrated his miserable condition. He hadn't had anything to eat for three days and didn't have even five copecks for lodging. He swore that he had been a village school teacher but lost it through intrigues. Sergei seemed to have seen Lushkoff somewhere before. Then Lushkoff entreated the advocate to give him some money to join his new position in Kaluga. But Sergei remembered having seen Lushkoff before when he had given his identity as an expelled student. Sergei accused him as a swindler and threatened to report the matter to the police. 

2. Did Lushkoff become a beggar by circumstances or by choice? What reason did the beggar give to Sergei for telling lies? 

Ans : Lushkoff became a beggar by circumstances. Formerly he sang in a Russian choir. But then he was accused of drinking excessively and sent away for drunkenness. Then he became utterly helpless and took to lying and begging. He felt that no one would give him anything if he told the truth. This was the reason the beggar gave to Sergei for telling lies.

3. Why did Lushkoff agree to chop wood ? What were the other things Lushkoff had to do ? 

Ans : Lushkoff asked Sergei what he could do instead of begging. In reply Sergei suggested that he must do some work. Then Lushkoff asked where he could find work. In reply Sergei offered him the job of chopping wood for him. He agreed to chop wood in spite of his ill health simply for pride and shame and because he had been trapped by his own words. The other things that he had to do were shoveling snow, putting the wood shed in order and beating the dust out of rugs and mattresses. 

4. Collect Information about Sergei's cook and write a short paragraph. 

Ans : Olga was Sergei's cook. She was entrusted with the work of making Lushkolf chop wood, At first she scolded Lushkolf and urged him to do the chopping. But she took pity on him owing to his utter lack of strength to do such hard work. Hence she did the work of chopping wood for Lushkoff stealthily without the knowledge of Sergei. She had the milk of human kindness, for which she deserves all praise and admiration. She helped the beggar to Improve his conduct and became a respectful person in life. 

5. What made the beggar change his way of life ?  

Ans. Sergei's cook was responsible for the beggar's changing his way of life. She took pity on him, grew sad, looked into his eyes and wept. She suffered untold misery for him and chopped wood for his sake. He gave up drinking owing to her words and noble deeds and a great change took place in his heart. Hence the beggar's change in his way of life was exclusively due to the gracious and noble woman. 

6. Which character do you like most and why ? 

Ans : We admire Olga, the cook, very much for being such a kind and sympathetic person. She exerted considerable influence on the beggar and tried to change him and make him better. She was endowed with the milk of human kindness. It was Olga who saved the unlucky beggar. Hence our great admiration for her. 

7. Write a short paragraph suggesting some ways for abolishing the practice of begging in our country. 

Ans : Steps should be taken to curb the menace of begging in our country. The law against begging should be strictly enforced, employment should be given to all the citizens, education should be made freely available, and some form of social security should be introduced to take care of destitute. Those unfortunate people who are blind, crippled or stricken by leprosy should be cared for by the state and corruption existing in homes for the disabled and abandoned should be checked. Beggars are a blot on our country. Unless the problem is tackled at the root, and all those who indulge in this shameful business are rehabilitated, we cannot call ourselves a civilized and progressive nation. 

mcq question answer of the story the beggar

1. Who is the writer/author of the story “ The Beggar “ ?

Ruskin Bond

Prem Chand

Leo Tolstoy

Anton Chekov

2. “ Kind Sir, have pity; turn your attention to poor, hungry man!” – Who is the beggar speaking to ?




Sergei’s friend

3. How many days has the beggar not eaten anything ?





4. How many copecks does he need for a lodging ?





5. Which country does the beggar belong to ?





6. The beggar said that he was a village school teacher far _______ years.





7. The beggar lost his job because of ________.


his drunkenness


telling lies

8. He had nothing to do for ______ years.





9. Sergei was a/an ______.





10. A person who makes humble request is a ________.





11. What was the colour of the beggar’s overcoat ?





12. The beggar had an offer of a position in the province of ______.





13. ‘Mendicant ‘refers to ________.


the beggar


the writer

14. Sergei’s eyes fell on the beggar’s _______.





15. Where did the advocate meet the beggar ?

in Kalugaon

in Sadyava Street

in Sadovya Street

in Savya Street

16. In their first meeating the beggar said that he was a _______.

a farmer

a singer in a Russian choir

a village school teacher

a student

17. Sergei turned from the ragged creature with an expression of _______.





18. Who does the expression ‘the ragged creature’ refer to ?


the beggar


a poor man

19. “ This is dishonesty sir, my dear sir!” Who said this ?


the beggar


the writer

20. Who does the expression ‘my dear sir’ refer to ?


the beggar


the writer 

21. “This is swindling”. What does this refer to ?





22. The beggar told that formerly he was a _____ in the Russian choir.





23. The beggar was sent away from the Russian choir for his _______.





24. Sergei provided the beggar the work of _______.

chopping wood

cutting grass

removing old broken thing

cleaning the house

25. The beggar agreed to chop wood for Sergei because

he was hungry and he needed money

he was in need of money for lodging

he was in need of money to go Kaluga

he had been trapped by his own words

26. What was the name of Sergei’s cook ?





27. The beggar’s strength had been undermined by ______.

excess work




28. The beggar didn’t have slightest inclination for ______.





29. Standing _____ Sergei could see what was going on in the yard.

in the kitchen

on the balcony

in his drawing room

at the window of his dining room

30. ‘Olga glared wrathfully at her companion’. Who was her companion ?

another cook

her close friend


a servant of Sergei

31. Who does the expression “the pseudo teacher’ refer to ?

the beggar


Sergei’s teacher

a village school teacher

32. Sergei was ______ of himself for engaging the beggar in menial labour.




sorry and ashamed

33. An hour later Olga came in and declared that

the beggar had chopped all the wood

she had chopped all the wood

she helped the beggar in chopping all the wood

all the wood had been chopped

34. How much money was given to the beggar for chopping wood ?

one rouble

two roubles

half a rouble

forty copecks

35. On the _____ of each month, the beggar came to chop wood for Sergei.

last day

first day

first Monday

last Monday

36. The waif made his appearance on the first of the month. What does the ‘waif’ mean ?

a beggar

a drunkard

a singer

a homeless person

37. Who does the expression ‘the waif’ refer to ?


the advocate

the beggar

a servant of Sergei

38. Which work didn’t the beggar do for Sergei ?


dusting of rugs and mattresses

shovelling snow

putting the woodshed in order

39. How much money did the beggar receive for doing other work than chopping wood for Sergei ?

half a rouble

twenty to forty copecks

thirty to forty copecks

one rouble

40. Apart from money, even ______ was sent out to the beggar.

a pair of shoes

a pair of new trousers

a pair of old trousers

a pair of jacket

41. ‘Well, I am happy that my words have taken effect.’ Who said this ?




the writer

42. How much was Lushkoff paid for hauling and packing furniture ?

half a rouble

a rouble

twenty to forty copecks

two roubles

43. Which of the following expression does not refer to Lushkoff ?

the musician

the pseudo-teacher



44. Sergei offered the beggar some cleaner employment. What does the cleaner employment refer to ?

Hauling furniture



singing in a choir

45. Lushkoff took Sergei’s letter to a _____ of Sergei’s.





46. The main idea of the story ‘The Beggar’ is ______.

friendship between man and animal

judicial system in ancient India

dignity of labour

true friendship

47. Who really set Lushkoff right ?



Sergei’s friend

Lushkoff’s wife

48. Who really chopped wood for Sergei ?

Sergei’s servant

the beggar


a wood cutter of that locality

49. Who really saved and changed Lushkoff’s life ?



Sergei’s friend

the manager of Russian choir

50. “God bless that good and novel woman.’ Who does that woman refer to ?

Sergei’s wife


Lushkoff’s wife

Sergei’s maid

51. Sergei considered Lushkoff _______, in a sense.

the son

a friend

the godson

the grandson

52. As a notary Lushkoff was paid ______ rouble a month.


twenty five


thirty five

53. At last Lushkoff became a well-to-do _______.





54. Lushkoff paid for the ticket in _______.



paper notes

copper coins

55. Lushkoff asked for a seat in the _____.





56. Lushkoff ‘s coat had a collar of ______.


curly fur



57. Sergei noticed a little man standing at the theater beside him. Who was that little man ?

the manager of the theater

the ticket seller


the guard

58. After two years Sergei met Lushkoff at/in ______.

the bus stop

a railway station

the theater

the market

59. What was Sergei pleased at ?

offering a cleaner employment

seeing Lushkoff sober, gloomy and silent

having put Lushkoff at the theater

meeting Lushkoff at the theater after a long time

60. What was the final advice of Sergei to Lushkoff ?

not to drink vodka

not to beg

not to tell lies

not to drink and to work hard

61. Lushkoff was wearing a _____ cap.





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