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The Golden Touch Story Summary and Question Answer in English

The Golden Touch Story Summary and Question Answer in English

The Golden Touch Story Summary and Question Answer in english
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The Golden Touch Story Summary and Question Answer in English

THE GOLDEN TOUCH    by Nathaniel Hawthorne

About the author:

Nathaniel Hawthorne (July 4, 1804 - May 19, 1864) is an American novelist and short story writer. His themes often center on the inherent evil and sin of humanity and his works have moral messages and deep psychological complexity. All of his artistic works Cayman to bring a reformation in contemporary society. 

The Golden Touch Story Summary and Question Answer in english

About the essay the Golden Touch:

            The present piece is modern man's lust for wealth and riches. It describes our unusual "The golden touch" is a fine example of greed for wealth. People give much more priority to wealth than any other things. In this prose piece the author narrates the misery of a powerful king named Midas who suffered for his excessive desire to amass gold. Everybody has a fascination for gold but excess greed brings much more sorrow and suffering. The king gathered much more gold in his secret room but at last he suffered much for his excess hope. He could not eat comfortably. He could it see his daughter properly and even he could not feel the pleasure of being a king. At last he realized his mistake and changed his way of living and repented for his excessive lust for wealth. 

The Golden Touch Story Summary and Question Answer in english

Summary of the essay The Golden Touch

          The present piece "The golden touch" describes the lust greed of modern man in a beautiful manner; it describes the excess hope of a king named Midas for gold. People are giving much more importance to gold and wealth. They are forgetting the basic requirements of life. The piece is a fine example of how people are suffering a lot for their excess greed.        

          This prose piece is a fine example of that Long ago Midas was a rich and powerful king. He loved gold more than anything else in life. He also loved his only daughter Mary Gold very much. He hoped for much more gold for the pleasure of his only daughter. When the golden ray of sun falls on his room, he thinks that the ray should be changed into gold. He did not love the rose flowers of his garden, as they are not made of gold. He always entered into his secret room, where he stored all his gold and counted the gold bars and sow coins. He had golden bars, golden cups and plates with himself.

         One fine morning a strange thing happened. While he was in his secret room the golden ray of sun beam fell on his room. By this time a stranger man was standing and smiling at him. The king could know that the stranger was not an ordinary person. That stranger asked so many questions and came to know that the king was very powerful and rich fellow. To test the king the stranger gave him a boon that whatever things the king touches those things will be changed into gold. "Then the stranger vanished from the spot. On the next day morning the king got up early. To test the boon the king first touched the bed sheet of his bed and all of a sudden that sheet turned into gold. Then the king touched a leg of the cot, which also turned into gold. Then he touched the certain of window, his own clothes and all of a sudden those things turned into gold. He also touched his own spectacles, which also turned into gold. The king could not see through these glasses, but he is not worried about that. Because he thinks that gold is more precious than the spectacles. He also touched the iron bar of his garden, touched the roses. All such items changed into gold suddenly while he came to his breakfast table he touched the coffee glass. Which has also changed into the golden liquid gold. While he wanted to take fish, eggs, and bread and butter for breakfast, he touched those items. But all such items changed into gold. So the king became unhappy. He was very much thirsty and hungry then, he felt very much depressed. In the meantime his only daughter named Marigold came to him to know about the cause of sorrow. The king could see everything but couldn't eat anything. Then the king kissed his daughter lovingly and all of sudden every part of her daughter's body turned into gold. The king became surprised. 

The Golden Touch Story Summary and Question Answer in english

           His sorrow knew no bounds when his only daughter changed into gold. He feels depressed. He became worried about the condition of her only daughter. So he considers himself as the poorest person in the world. In the meantime the king came across a stranger. That stranger asked so many questions to the king to make a study about his inner wishes. That stranger asked the king whether food, bread, and daughter are valuable or gold. Now the king could realize his own mistake and leave the greed for wealth. The king also asked the stronger way how he can set back his happy days. The king wanted to know about the trick by which his life could return. 

            Now that stranger advised the king to go to the river of his garden, wash his face with the water, and to sprinkle that water on anything to get back the previous condition of anything. Giving such advice the stranger vanished from the spot. Accordingly the king obeyed that advice and returned to the place with a pot of water. The servants become surprised at the present condition of their king. But that water pot was more for the king than the ocean of gold. He sprinkled the water on his daughter and his daughter got back her real shape. The king became happy and then both father & daughter went to the garden and watered the plants. Since then they were living happily.

The Golden Touch Summary and Question Answer

Question.1. What do you learn about king Midas from the first two paragraphs of the story?

Answer. King Midas was a rich man. He had a little daughter named Marygold. He loved gold much then anything and also he hopes much more gold for the pleasure of his daughter.

Question.2. What did he wish when saw the golden light of the evening sun ?

Answer. He wished that the golden light should turn into real gold.

Question.3. Why didn’t he like the roses of the garden?

Answer. He didn’t like the roses of the garden because the roses are not made of gold.

Question.4. How does he spend his time in his treasure-room ?

Answer. In his treasure rooms he counts his golden coins and keeps the precious gold things.

Question.5. How did he come across the stranger?

Answer. While the king was in the treasure room he saw a stranger was standing and smiling at him.

Question.6. How did king Midas answer the stranger’s question? What else do you want?

Answer. The king told that he had spent long time to get the gold stock. He wants more and, more gold.

Question.7. How did the stranger fulfill his wishes?

Answer. The stranger gave him a blessing that what whatever the king touches that would become gold.

Question.8. When did the king discover that his desire for the golden touch had been fulfilled?

Answer. The king touched the sheet of his bed which turned into gold. At that time his desire for golden touch had been fulfilled.

Question.9. Why was the king not sad when his spectacles turned into gold ?

Answer. The king wasn’t sad because he thought that the gold is much more precious than the spectacles.

Question.10. What was Marigold’s complaint about the golden rose?

Answer. Marygold complained that all the roses had been turned into gold and the sweet scent of the roses had been faded away.

Question.11. How did the king console his daughter?

Answer. The king consoled hid daughter by telling that gold is much more precious than the roses. So she shouldn’t worry at all.

Question.12. Why couldn’t the king enjoy his breakfast ?

Answer. The king couldn’t enjoy the breakfast because all the food items suddenly turned into gold.

Question.13. What happened to Marygold when the king kissed her?

Answer. When the king kissed her daughter all of a sudden then parts of body turned into a pile of gold.

Question.14. How did the king realise that the gold in touch was useless gift for him?

Answer. When the daughter of the king turned into a gold pile, at that time the king reached that the golden touch was a useless gift.

Question.15. You are wiser then you were-why did the stranger say so?

Answer. The stranger said so because when the king couldn’t get the real shape of her daughter he feels said. The king knew it very well that the common things are much more precious than riches.

Question.16. What did the stranger advise the king to do to get rid of his golden touch ?

Answer. The stranger advised the king to collect water from the river and sparkle it on anything to get the real shape and size.

Question.17. How did the king get back his daughter?

Answer. The moment the king sprinkled river water on his daughter, she returned her original she.

Question.18. Is the story a tragic or comic one?

Answer. The story is a tragic one give your reasons because we shouldn’t hope for wealth always save time excess greed brings sorrow and sufferings touch.


The Golden Touch Story Summary and Question Answer in English

The Golden Touch Story Summary and Question Answer in English

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