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Essay in English in Easy Line By Line for Class 5, 6, 7, And 8 Classes

Essay in English in Easy Line By Line for Class 5, 6, 7, And 8 Classes

Essay in English in Easy Line By Line for Class 5, 6, 7, And 8 Class
List of essay in English online learn camp

  • Our Class Teacher
  • Your Birthday
  • Your Home
  • Your Family
  • The Saraswati Puja
  • Your English Teacher
  • Your Village Temple/ Your Village
  • The Cow
  • The Postman
  • Celebration of Republic Day
  • Your School Garden
  • Your School
  • Your Grandfather
  • The Winter Season
  • The Rainy Season
  • The Durga Puja
  • Your Headmaster
  • Your Father
  • Your Mother
  • Our School Library


1. I am a student at police High School, Haripur.

2. I read in class VII.

2. The name of our class teacher is Mr Purna Chandra Das.

3. My class teacher is about forty years old.

4. My class teacher still looks young, smart and active.

5. My class teacher is M.A in history and M.ED.

6. My class teacher is very sincere in his duty.

7. He is a very silver tongue teacher.

8. My class teacher’s method of teaching is very effective.

9. My class teacher teaches English, geography and history.

10. He regularly checks our homework.

11. My class teacher is an experienced teacher.

12. He is our friend, philosopher and guide.

13. He is liked by everyone in our class.

14. My class teacher is an ideal teacher.

15. We feel proud for our class teacher.


1. I am a student of class VII.

2. I am 12 years old.

3. I was born on July 15th 2002.

3. Since then on that date I celebrate my birth every year.

4. Celebration of birthday is a memorable day in one s life.

5. I invite most of my friends and my father also invites our relatives in my birthday.

6. In the morning I take my bath, wear new dress and go to the temple to offer my prayers.

7. In the evening a grand feast is arranged and guests and my friends arrive.

8. My friends and relatives come with various presents and gifts in my birthday.

9. I cut the cake and distribute it to everybody present.

10. I also distribute sweets, chocolates and some gifts to my friends and relatives.

11. They all sing Happy birthday to you and wish me so much.

12. At 9 p.m. we enjoy the dinner.

13. Really celebration of birthday is a amusement day of life.


1. Home is the sweetest place on earth

2. My home is a paradise to me.

3. My home is at New Capital, Bhubaneswar.

4. There are two bed rooms, one drawing room, two baths, one study room, one store room, a kitchen and a room for the deities in my home.

5. There is a tube well attached with an electric motor to raise water to the over-head tank for my home.

6. There is a lawn in front of our home.

 7. We have planted different kinds of flower-plants in the lawn of my home.

8. There are some pet animal and birds in my homes

9. The study room of my home is well lighted and ventilated.

10. My father works in a government office and my mother manages the family.

11. There is love, affection, co-operation fill in my home.

12. We have good relationship with our neighbours with whom we share our joy and sorrow.

13. We feel happy and secured at home.

14. I love my home very much.

15. It has rightly been said, Home, Sweet home, there is no place like home.


1. I live happily in my sweet home with my family.

2. My family consists of my parents, grandparents, my elder brothers and my younger sister.

3. My grandparents are the most eldest members in my family.

4. I obey advises of my grandparents in my family.

5. I respect elder members of my family.

6. I love younger members of my family.

7. My father works in a bank and he is the sole earning member of my family.

8. My mother manages the family so smoothly that we never face any problems.

9. My parents take utmost care of our health, education and all round development.

10. My grandfather tells us stories of great men of our country and advises us to follow them as our role models.

11. We learn co-operation, tolerance, fellow-feeling and charity at home by our family.

12. We observe festivals, occasions together and share our joy with one another in my family.

13. My family is a happy family in the earth.

14. There is love, affection, co-operation fill in my family.

15. All the members of my family love each other.

16. I love my family very much with my heart.


1. Devi Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and learning.

2. Devi Saraswati has remained significant as a goddess from the Vedic period through modern times of Hindu traditions.

3. We celebrate Saraswati Puja, as the festival of Vasant Panchami (the fifth day of spring) in her honour.

4. On Saraswati Puja the priest helping young children learns how to write alphabets on that day.

5. Saraswati Puja is also celebrated in our school in as a grand occasion.

6. Before the day of Saraswati Puja there is a meeting held in the school premises.

7. The pendal hall is cleaned and decorated with flowers and mango leaves by us.

8. We buy the idol of Devi Saraswati from the local market.

9. The priest conducts the Saraswati Puja with great Vedic rituals.

 10. We offer flowers, sweets and prayer to Devi Saraswati.

11. Cultural functions held in the evening hour at school premises.

12. Students take part in different cultural functions on the occasion of Saraswati Puja.

13. The function ends with a grand feast which is enjoyed by everyone.


1. I am a student of P.K. High school, Burla.

2. The name of my English teacher is Mr Ajay Das.

3. My English teacher is B.Ed with M.A in English.

4. My English teacher is about forty years old.

5. My English teacher still looks very young, smart and active.

6. I like my English teacher’s method of teaching very much.

7. My English teacher is very interactive with the students.

8. We pay utmost attention when he is in the class.

9. His pronunciation in English is very good.

10. He also keeps contact with our guardians and informs them about our progress.

11. Besides our study he also encourages us to take part in essay and debate competition.

12. I love and respect my English teacher most.


1. I live with my family in the Debagada village.

2. My village is my heaven for me.

3. Woods around of my village creates abstruct painting among the people.

4. There is a Shiva temple in the east of my village.

5. People observe many festivals with great joy in my village.

6. People of my village help each other in every work.

7. There is unity and consolidating acts among the villagers of my village.

8. This temple is very old and there are beautiful carvings on the stones.

9. One has to climb down twelve feet to reach the altar.

10. The pond, the garden full of flowers and the trees around the temple enhances the beauty of the spot.

11. The priest is appointed by the villagers to conduct the puja rituals of Lord Shiva.

12. He has been provided with a house near the temple.

13. Morning and evening prayers done in the temple can be heard from our home.

14. On Shiva Ratri, a large number of people gather here to participate in the grand function organised by the villagers.

15. All disputes among the villagers are also settled here.

16. I go to the temple every morning to sit there and meditate.

17. I love my village temple very much.


1. The cow is a domestic animal.

2. The cow worshiped as a mother by the people.

3. The cow is different in colours.

4. The cow has four legs, two eyes, two ears and a tail.

5. The cow lives in the cow-shed.

6. The cow eats straw, grass and rice water.

7. Cow gives us milk.

8. Cow’s milk very rich in essential nutrients. 

9. Cow’s milk is very useful food for infant as well as all.

10. People make curd, butter, ghee and cheese from the cow’s milk.

11. The dunk of the cow is also very useful for agriculture.

12. People used the dunk of cow as fuel for cooking.

13. Her calf is very funny.

14. Cow is a very useful animal.

15. We worship the cow as mother cow.


1. A few people serve mankind as truly as a postman.

2. The postman is a symbol of humanity.

3. The postman visits everywhere in my village.

4. He knocks at our doors, drops letters and moves on.

5. Sometimes the postman read the letter that is indeed.

6. He knows no rest. Service is his only reward.

7. He wears a khaki uniform.

8. He has a leather bag round his shoulders.

 9. It contains letters, money orders and parcels.

10. The postman greets everyone with a smile.

11. The duties of a postman are very hard. Rain or sunshine, he knows no rest.

12. At the afternoon of the day he makes a report about the work.

13. In spite of hard work a postman is a low-paid worker.

14. He can enjoy only a small number of holidays.

15. The Government should do something to improve his lot.


1. Our country, India celebrates the Republic Day every year to honour the date when Constitution of India came into force on the date 26th January in 1950.

2. It has been declared as the national holiday by the Government of India.

3. At this day a parade takes place in the national capital of India, New Delhi at the Raj path (in front of the India Gate) in the presence of president of India.

4. On this day we go to school very early in the morning.

5. The P.E.T. of our school guides us to decorate the pendal where the flag hoisting ceremony will be made.

6. We stand in rows and the headmaster hoists the national flag.

7. We sing the Nation Anthem Janagana mana.......... followed by Bande maataram...  .

8. Different types slogan hauling followed by the leader. 

9. We give salute to our national flag.

10. The headmaster then takes salute.

11. The N.C.C.  Cadets lead the march past.

12. After that we go round the town in a procession.

13. Then we come back to school, take sweets arranged by the school and come back home.

14. We enjoy this day as great as a national heroes.

15. We take an oath to follow the principles of Mahatma Gandhi and other great men.

16. Different competitions take part in this occasion.

17. We take part this competitions. 

YOUR SCHOOL GARDEN                          

1. I am a student of class VII th.

2. I go to B.K. High School.

3. There is a beautiful attractive garden in my school boundary.

4. The sight of a garden with plants full of fruit and flowers is pleasant to the eye.

5. The beautiful garden is behind my school.

6. There is a stone compound wall round the garden so stray cattle or other animals cannot enter.

7. There are some permanent trees like coconut trees, mango trees, jack fruit trees etc in my school garden.

8. There is a tube well in the right entry point of my school garden.

9. The central part of the area is utilised for planting seasonal fruit plants and flowers.

10. There is a statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the middle of the garden.

11. We work in the garden under the guidance of our class-teacher in the garden period.

12. We keep our garden and the school environment clean.

13. We apply manure, fertilizer and insecticides to make the plants grow well.

14. It is a pleasure to work in the garden and spend some time enjoying the beauty of the flowers.

15. Gardening is also my hubby and I like my school garden very much.

Your School

1. The name of my school is M.P.L High School, Burma.

2. I read in Class VII.

3. My school offers education from class 1 to 10.

4. My School is situated in the heart of Burma Town.

5. The building of my school is large and looks very attractive.

7. There is a large play ground behind my school building.

8. A beautiful attractive garden is there beside my school building.

9. The class rooms of my school well lighted and ventilated.

10. There is a large playground attached to the school. We play games there.

11.  The school has ten classes and every class is divided into four sections.

12. There are 1200 boys and girls studying at the school.

13. Our school is progressing in all the fields.

14. In studies our school shows good results every year.

15. My school is considered to be an ideal school.


1. My grandfather is very dear to me.

2. He is about seventy years old.

3. He gets up early in the morning.

4. He is very active and religious.

5. I often go to morning walk with him.

6. He leads a plain life.

7. He sometimes talks about his childhood days and we enjoy listening to him.

8. My grandfather is very experienced in live hood and social cultures.

9. My grandfather tells us mythological stories in every evening.

10. My grandfather’s story telling expression is very attractive and effective.

11. He reads newspapers daily and watches television with me.

12. He inspires everybody in our family to keep our home and environment clean.

13. All my friends love my grandpa very much. He also loves our company.

14. All the members of our family have the highest regards for him.

15. I love and respect my grandfather very much.


1. The Winter Season is one of the coldest seasons in a year.

2. The winter season begins in November and ends after February.

3. Due to the winter season January and February are the coldest months in the year.

4. In winter season Cold wind blows from the north.

5. In the winter season Trees shed their leaves and nature looks dull.

6. In winter season Paddy, maize and wheat ripen and farmers reap them.

7. Fruits and vegetables are available in plenty in the winter season.

8. In winter season Nights get longer and days get shorter.

9. Various festivals like Christmas, ldul-fitre, Shree Panchami etc. are observed in winter season.

10. People wear warm clothes, Gloves, Caps, Ear wear in the winter season.

11. People like to eat warm foods in winter season.

12. People love to sit and bask them in the sunshine and the hearth.

13. Schools are closed in Christmas as X-mass holiday in the winter season.

14. Too cold is very dangerous for elder persons in the winter season.

15. It is the suitable time for going on excursion and picnic.


1. There are six seasons in a year in India.

2. The rainy season comes after the summer.

3. In the rainy season we get rain from the south-west monsoon.

4. It generally starts blowing over India in the second week of June.

5. Due to heavy rainfall ponds, tanks wells and rivers are filled with water.

6. At some places we sometimes face flood situations.

7. People wish thanks to the god for the rain.

8. Farmers are busy sowing seeds in their fields.

9. The fields are all green in the rainy season.

10. Trees and mountain tops also look green in the rainy season.

11. Vegetables are available in plenty.

12. Flowers of different colours bloom in the rainy season.

13. Festivals like the Raja, the Rathayatra, Rakhi Bandhan and janmastami are observed during this season.

14. The earth feels cool and alive in the rainy season.

15. People welcome this season as it brings a new life to plants and animals.


1. The Durga puja is an annual festval of lndia which is celebrated by worshiping Goddess Durga.

2. Goddess Durga is believed to have killed the demon Mahishasura.

3. The festival Durga Puja marks victory of good over evil.

4. The festival Durga Puja takes place in the month of Ashwin from the first to the tenth day of the bright fornight.

5. It is an occasion of great enthusiasm and festivity for us.

6. On this occasion schools, colleges, and offices are closed for a long holiday.

7. The idol of Goddess Durga has ten hands and stands on the back of a huge lion.

8. The godees Durga is referred to as the Goddess of power (Shakti).

9. The Durga Puja is celebrated for ten days, but the image is installed on the seventh day.

10. During the last three days the Durga Puja is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety.

11. The priests read the sacred slokas of Chandi and perform the puja by offering flowers and sweets to the Devi.

12. Durga Puja is happy time for children.

13. People put on new clothes, the poor are fed, and alms are distributed to the people. 

14. Shop keepers renowned and household things worships in Durga Puja.

15. On the last day images and idols are immersed in river.


1. The name of our headmaster is Sri Biswa Das.

2. He is tall, healthy and dynamic.

3. He is a trained graduate with B.Ed professional and lots of teaching experience.

4. He is very strict in rule and regulation.

5. He goes round the school and supervises the work of the teachers.

6. Our headmaster asks to us about our studies and problem every end hour.

7. He discusses the solutions of studies with us.

8. Our headmaster teaches us English and his teaching method is very effective.

9. He keeps contact with the parents as well the guardians of the pupils and advises them what to do for the betterment of their children.

10. Our headmaster encourages us to take part in games, sports and literary activities.

11. He gives stress on the character building of the students.

12. He gives advice to us that how to achieve the future goal.

13. Our headmaster teaches us that how to get success in our life.

14. Each of the students of our school likes my headmaster very much.

15. I love and respect my Pradhan Acharya/ headmaster the most.


1. My father’s name is Robin Padhy.

2. He is about 34 years old.

3. He is a science graduate with B.Ed professional.

4. My father is a teacher.

5. He is handsome, tall, has fair complexion and has a sound body.

6. My father takes care of our family very much.

7. At evening times he helps us with our studies.

8. He manages our family smoothly.

9. He tries to fulfill our requirements.

10. My father teaches us the socio cultural qualities.

11. My father plays with us.

12. My father loves each of the family members very much.

13. He takes care of my grandfather and grandmother very well.

14. My father is the best father in the world.

15. I love my father very much.

Your Mother

1. My mother’s name is smt. Geetanjali Sahu.

2. My mother is about 38 years old.

3. She is a highly educated lady and her qualification is M.A, D.El.Ed.

4. My mother is a teacher in profession but a good house wife.

5. My mother does all our house hold work.

6. She helps me in my study and also helps my father in his work.

7. My mother is a kind person.

8. My mother helps the poor and needy people.

9. My mother is also a pious religious woman.

10. My mother takes care of my all family members.

11. My mother gets up early in the morning and goes to temple.

12. Every family member likes my mother very much.    

13. I feel great and proud for my mother.

14. I like and respect my mother very much.

15. My mother is the best mother in the world.

Our School Library

1. A library is a very helpful place for reading students and all.

2. We find different books at the library.

3. I am a student of class 8th.

4. I go to Government U.P. School and there is a library in my school.

5. Our school library is a big library.

6. Our school library has more than two thousand different kind of books in Odia, English and Hindi language.

7. Mrs. Mili Nayak is the in charge of our school library.

8. There are chairs, benches with desk in our school library.

9. Our school library opens at 11 O’clock and is kept open till 4 p.m. on every school day.

10. We go to the library in our library period.

11. We spend more than one hour to read the books every day in our library period.

12. There are story books; joke books, magazines, science friction magazines and many more books are available in our school library.

13. We borrow library books at our house and return at the certain time period.

14. We get knowledge; learn skills, tricks, adventures and so on to reading library books.

15. We feel proud to get extra learning activities through our school library.

16. Library is a learning hub of knowledge. So everyone should go there.

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