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General Science MCQ Quiz in English For Competitive Exam

General Science MCQ Quiz in English For Competitive Exam General Science MCQ Quiz in English For Competitive Exam science mcq quiz in english General Science MCQ Quiz in English For Competitive Exam

General Science MCQ Quiz in English For Competitive Exam


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General Science MCQ Quiz in English For Competitive Exam


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1. Which is unrelated pair?

(A) Pharynx         -- Larynx

(B) Trachea         --Vocal cord

(C) Nostril            --Cartilage

(D) Nasal cavity   -- Mucous membrane

2. Which part of human body is an air-tight compartment?

(A) Thoracic cavity

(B) Abdominal cavity

(C) Auricle

(D) Ventricle

3. Which is not the part of human respiratory system?

(A) Gullet

(B) Glottis

(C) Nasal Cavity

(D) Pharynx

4. In Which organs of frog does respiration take place?

(A) Skin & Buccal cavity

(b) Skin, Buccal cavity & Lungs

(C) Skin & Lungs

(D) Buccal cavity & Lungs

5. How many carbons are present in lactic acid?

(A) 3

(B) 4

(C) 1

(D) 2

6. In which part of mitochondria does citric acid cycle occur?

(A)  Inner membrane

(B) Outer membrane

(C) Matrix

(D) Cristae

7. Which step is not necessary in the aerobic respiration?

(A) Citric acid cycle

(B) Electron transport system

(C) Glycolysis

(D) Alcoholic fermentation

8. Which enzyme is present in Saliva?

(A) Lipase

(B) Ptyalin

(C) Gastric juice

(D) Pepsin

9. In which part of digestive system are water and some electrolytes absorbed?

(A) Stomach

(B) Buccal Cavity

(C) Small intestine

(D) Large intestine

10. From which one is both HCL and enzymes secreted?

(A) Small intestine

(B) Large intestine

(C) Stomach

(D) Mouth

11. What is the part of the chloroplast where the light reaction does occur in presence of visible light?

(A) Grana

(B) Stoma

(C) Cytoplasm

(D) Stroma

12. During night time, dark reaction of photosynthesis also remains inoperative. Hence, photosynthesis process stops. The reason for it is:

(A) Ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase  oxygenase becomes non-functional

(B) Deficiency of carbon dioxide gas.

(C) There is deficiency of ribulose bisphosphate molecule.

(D) Supply of assimilatory power stops

13. What are the organisms obtaining nutrients from dead, decaying, rotten plants and animals called?

(A) Chemosynthetic

(B) Saprophytes

(C) Parasite

(D) Symbiont

14. Which have main role in maintenance of ionic balance in the body?

(A) Minerals

(B) Proteins

(C) Carbohydrates

(D) Lipids

15. Which one does contain more amount of plant protein?

(A) Fish

(B) Milk

(C) Soyabean

(D) Egg

16. The alkaloid of Cinchona plant is:

(A) Tanin

(B) Resin

(C) Quinine

(D) Nicotine

17. Presence of which pigment in the urine of healthy man does make it faint yellow?

(A) Urochrome

(B) Haemoglobin

(C) Phytochrome

(D) Chlorophyll

18. In which gland of humans is sweat formed?

(A) Salivary

(B) Sweat

(C) Intestinal

(D) Lymphoid

19. The waste of which organism is excreted as urea?

(A) Insect

(B) Frog

(C) Reptile

(D) Bird

20. How many times does the heart of healthy man generally beat per minute?

(A) 70

(B) 72

(C) 60

(D) 62

21. Presence of which protein does prevent blood clotting in human body?

(A) Prothrombin

(B) Fibrinogen

(C) Hiparin

(D) Hirudin

22. Which blood vessels have valves?

(A) Vein

(B) Aorta

(C) Capillary

(D) Artery

23. With the help of which force between water and xylem do they always stick together?

(A) Surface tension

(B) Capillary

(C) Cohesion

(D) Adhesion

24. Which is the example of the plant part that uses nutrients?

(A) Seed

(B) Reserve root

(C) Tip of stem

(D) Fruit

25. Which is not related in passive absorption?

(A) Transpiration

(B) Metabolic energy

(C) Osmosis

(D) Diffusion

26. Which non-metal has metallic luster?

(A) Nitrogen

(B) iodine

(C) Sulphur

(D) Oxygen

27. Which of the following is an amphoteric oxide?

(A) Al2O3

(B) MgO

(C) Na2O

(D) CaO

28. An element reacts with oxygen to give a compound with a high melting point .This compound is also soluble in water. The element is likely to be

(A) Sillicon

(B) Iron

(C) Calcium

(D) Carbon

29. Chemical formula of bleaching powder is

(A) CaHCO3

(B) CaOCl2

(C) Ca(OH)2

(D) CaCO3

30. A solution reacts with crushed egg shell to give a gas that turns lime-water milky. The solution is:

(A) LiCl

(B) KCl

(C) NaCl

(D) HCl

31. 10 mL of a solution of NaOH is found to be completely neutralized by 8 mL of a given solution of HCl. If we take 30 mLof the same solution of NaOH, mthe amount of HCl solution (the same solution as before) required to neutralize is:

(A) 24mL

(B) 30mL

(C) 12mL

(D) 16mL

32.  Which one of the following types of medicines is used for treating indigestion?

(A) Antacid

(B) Antiseptic

(C) Antibiotic

(D) Analgesic

33. A solution turns red litmus into blue, what is its pH value likely to be

(A) 5

(B) 10

(C) 1

(D) 4

34. When Acid and base mix with water, ions produced respectively are

(A) H+ and H3O+

(B) H3O+ and H+

(C) H+ and OH-

(D) OH+ and H-

35. Which of the following substances is added to food for its preservation?

(A) Coolant

(B) Antioxidant

(C) Oxidant

(D) Rancid

36. Which of the following chemical processes given below is correct?

(A) 2AgBr ---------2Ag  +  Br2

(B) CaCO3 ---------CaO +  CO2

(C) 2Pb(NO3)2 ----------  2PbO + 4NO2 + O2

(D) 2Fe(OH)3 ---------Fe2O3 +3H2O

37. Formation of which chemical compound is responsible for blackening of silver.

(A) Ag2O

(B) Ag2CO3

(C) AgNO3

(D) Ag2S

38. Which gas is put inside the chip’s packet available in the market?

(A) Nitrogen

(B) Hydrogen

(C) Chlorine

(D) Oxygen

39. Fe2O3  +2Al  -------Al2O3 +2Fe     The above reaction is an example of a

(A) Decomposition reaction

(B) Displacement reaction

(C) Combination reaction

(D) Double displacement reaction

40. Which of the statements about the reaction below are incorrect?   

2PbO(s) + C(s) -----2Pb(s) + Co2(g)

(i) Pb is reduced

(ii) CO2 is oxidised

(iii) C is oxidised

(iv) PbO is reduced

(A) (i), (ii) and (iii)

(B) All of the statements

(C) (i) and (ii)

(D) (i) and (iii)

41. What precipitate is formed when you mix lead (II) nitrate with the solution of sodium chloride?

(A) Sodium lead

(B) Chloride nitrate

(C) Sodium nitrate

(D) Lead (II) chloride

42. What are the values of X and Y When the chemical reaction given below is balanced.

X HNO3 +Ca(OH)2-------Ca(NO3) + YH2O

(A) 1, 2

(B) 1, 3

(C) 2, 1

(D) 2, 2

43. Which properties of carbon help it to form bio-molecules?

(i) Tetravalency

(ii) Catenation

(iii) Non-conductivity of carbon molecules

(A) (i) & (iii)

(B) (i), (ii) & (iii)

(C) (i) & (ii)

(D) (ii)& (iii)

44. The number of C --- C bonds in Graphite and diamond respectively are

(A) 4, 4

(B) 4, 3

(C) 3, 3

(D) 3, 4

45. How many structural isomers are there in pentane?

(A) 4

(B) 5

(C) 2

(D) 3

46. A hydrocarbon has 4 carbon atoms. What is the molecular formula of the alkene prepared form it?

(A) C4H6

(B) C4H4

(C) C4H10

(D) c4H8

47. How many numbers of covalent bonds are there in propane?

(A) 12

(B) 8

(C) 10

(D) 9

48. Which of the following non-metal is a good conductor of electricity?

(A) Sulphur

(B) Fullerene

(C) Diamond

(D) Graphite

49. Which processes are adopted to extract Zn From ZnS?

(A) Only roasting

(B) Only calcinations

(C) Roasting and electrolytic refining

(D) Roasting and calcinations

50. The electronic configuration of their elements X, Y and Z are X= 2, 4, Y=2,7, Z= 2, 1. Two elements of them combine to form an ionic compound. Write its correct molecular formula.

(A) XZ3

(B) Y2Z

(C) X2Y

(D) ZY


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General Science MCQ Quiz in English For Competitive Exam General Science MCQ Quiz in English For Competitive Exam science mcq quiz in english General Science MCQ Quiz in English For Competitive Exam general science mcq quiz pdf

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