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How to Get Maximum Number in CHSE Odisha Exam ?

How to Get Maximum Number in CHSE Odisha Exam ?

How to Get Maximum Number in CHSE Odisha Exam ?

Click Here To Get the Answer of your query ! How to Get Maximum Number in CHSE Odisha Exam? The CHSE Odisha examination is conducted by Council of higher secondary education, Odisha (CHSE) at school level and Higher Secondary Level in odisha. This article will help you get maximum marks in your CHSE Odisha board exam.

# Strengthen your basics
       The Class 10 board exam can be intimidating. In addition to knowing all your content, you also have to deal with a new level of pressure and expectations. It's important that you prepare well for these tests, but it's even more important that you don't let yourself get nervous. The best way to help yourself do well is by reviewing your basics (i.e., subjects like math, physics, chemistry, English, social science etc.). Although they may seem right now, it's good practice and helps ensure that you're not as taken aback during test time. And better yet: If it doesn't hurt when you have an exam looming on your horizon!

# Choose the best stream as your strengthen
       There are three different streams in chse exam like Arts, Commerce and Science. Instead of these there are vocational stream also available in chse odisha plus two exam. 

Choosing a stream as your strong point is crucial to getting good marks in your Class 10 board exam. For example, if you score good marks (80% and above) in General Science and Mathematics at class 10 boards, then you may want to choose Science as Stream in chse exam, these subjects again as your strong points while studying for class 12 boards. 

However, people who score good marks (70% and above) in Mathematics can choose Commerce of the streams, one who got 60% or above in Social Science and language can choose Arts stream ones. Yet you scored higher in 10 class you can choose your admission strem in plus two as your ability and desire.

# Select the best elective subject as your ability 
        In order to score maximum marks, you should always select an elective subject which suits your aptitude and interest. This will provide you with a better understanding of that topic and help you get full marks. If you don’t know how to choose an elective, consider taking up one of these. Choosing the best elective subject will be good to get the maximum number.
Here are the some following elective subject for Arts to get maximum number in CHSE Odisha exam.
As language First Language 
You Can take Odia 
As Second language 
You can take English
As it is compulsory to all. 
Elective Subjects
  • Political Science
  • Optional Odia
  • Education (Theory+Practical)
  • Home Science (Only for Girls) (Theory+Practical)
  • Information Technology (IT) (Theory+Practical)
  • ANTHROPOLOGY ( Theory+Practical)
You can take four elective Subjects in the above list.

In Science stream 
As language First Language 
You Can take Odia 
As Second language 
You can take English
As it is compulsory to all. 
Elective Subjects
As per the syllabus chse odisha
Chemistry and Physics is the compulsory elective subject for science stream students.
You can take other two elective Subjects as follows
  • Information Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Geography

# Know your syllabus as per your stream
          The first step towards your success is knowing which syllabus you will be tested on. You should know it inside out and remember it until your exam day. By knowing your syllabus well, you are prepared for any and every question that can come up during your exam. In addition, by knowing your syllabus you are more aware of what’s being asked of you; as such, leaving no question unanswered. Knowing everything from memory helps gain self-confidence which is absolutely necessary for a successful CHSE result. 

# Familiarise yourself with the new pattern
           The new pattern of exam and marking system introduced by CBSE have made it very important for students to re-adjust their mind with a fresh new version of syllabus, learning strategy and exam pattern. To get maximum marks in your CHSE Odisha exam you must be prepared with three things: time management, comprehension skills and focus on important topics. Your greatest asset is time, it is yours only once so never waste a single second of it during your preparation as every minute will matter during actual examination.

# Prepare notes for elective subjects 
           Many students select their subjects depending on their scores during Plus-Two (10+2) exam. They end up selecting subjects like English, Mathematics, Economics, Geography and History without understanding what concepts they must know. If you want to make sure that you don’t regret your decision later on, take some time to prepare notes for your elective subjects before you choose them. Besides helping you understand and remember concepts better, making notes is a good way of improving your writing skills.

# Prepare through previous year question papers
         In order to get maximum marks, students must prepare from previous year question papers. Without proper practice students will not be able to achieve their desired score and dream college. So it is very important for students to practice properly by solving previous year question papers before taking the actual exam.

# Improve test performance by reducing stress and anxiety
          Reducing stress and anxiety is an important step to performing well on any test. These nerves can make even simple questions feel impossible, and you may end up rushing through questions that don’t require you to work as hard. To get a maximum number on your chse strem exam, prepare by studying at least a month before your test date. A good habit is doing one-hour study sessions every day or three days per week until your exam.

# Set realistic goals
         It is ideal to set realistic goals for your CHSE exam and stick with them. This way, you will ensure that you are adequately prepared for your exams. If you’re taking a particular stream of Plus Two exams (i.e Commerce or Science), it’s wise to prepare in accordance with your stream, i.e., read up on commerce if you’re preparing for Commerce and science-related questions if you are going for Science. You should set your goal as you are in the Arts stream. 

# Understand what the paper will cover
          To score high on your plus two exams, it’s important to know what sections will be covered and how you can prepare accordingly. Your board exam will cover a variety of topics, including mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. Each subject is broken down into different sections that assess your understanding of particular topics. To do well in these exams, you need to cover all sections by learning each topic thoroughly and ensuring you are familiar with all expected question types.

# Preparing for Subject-wise tests separately
        A major reason for many candidates failing in board exams is that they have spent an equal amount of time on all subjects. This is a wrong approach. Every subject has specific topics and concepts that should be studied deeply. If you study each subject individually with enough effort, you can secure good marks in any subject-wise test separately. The only way to secure good scores by cracking each subject-wise test separately is through hard work and dedication towards self-studying.

# Practise makes you perfect
          Practice does make a man perfect, so it’s no wonder then that a number of students do well in their chse odisha exam. But whether you’re good at chse odisha exams or not, always remember that practice makes you perfect. So find your strengths and keep honing them while brushing up on your weaknesses.

# Test yourself at the end of practice 
If you have time, test yourself at the end of each topic so that you know how much more studying you need to do. Just taking a practice test gives your brain an opportunity to remember what it learned, and doing it at the end of a session will help your brain cement those ideas into long-term memory.
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