Essay in English on Pollution

essay in english on pollution pollution essay in english essay in english pollution essay in english

Essay in English on Pollution 

Essay in English on Pollution

Writing an essay in English on pollution? Look no further for inspiration! In this essay in English, we cover everything you need to know about pollution and how to avoid it in your daily life. We include the main sources of air, water, and land pollution, as well as their negative effects on animals and people. You’ll learn why toxic waste must be disposed of safely and how recycling efforts are helping us reduce our impact on the environment. If you want to write an essay in English about pollution, this is a great place to start!

Industrial Pollution 

The most common cause of pollution is generated from industrial activities. Industries like thermal power plants, manufacturing units, refineries and chemical industries produce large amount of pollutants which are harmful to human beings as well as to our environment. These industries release chemicals like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, soot and hydrocarbons into atmosphere which get accumulated in soil and water bodies and affect our health. They also directly affect our food crops. So it becomes very important to control them so that they don’t harm us.

Global Warming

It has been about two hundred years since humans started using fossil fuels as a source of energy, and we are now witnessing their effects. A massive increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) levels is giving rise to global warming and other side effects such as acid rain, loss of biodiversity, ozone layer depletion, pollution from mercury and other heavy metals etc. We call it Global Warming when there is an unnatural rise in temperatures across various land masses.

urban pollution

Pollution and heavy traffic continue to be major issues for city-dwellers. The main cause of air pollution is vehicle emissions, but fumes from factories and houses are also a problem. While addressing these issues can be difficult, there are measures you can take at home and work to keep your urban environment healthy and clean.

air pollution

The air is getting dirtier and filled with more pollutants every day. Although air pollution can be found everywhere, it is more concentrated in cities because of an increase in automobiles and people and humans are to blame for most of it. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) reports that cars and trucks are by far our largest contributor to smog-forming pollution, and indeed, a single car will cause about four pounds of hydrocarbons (chemical compounds) to enter into our atmosphere every year.

water pollution

Although water pollution is a global issue, few people are aware of its devastating effects. According to WHO, one in nine people still lack access to clean drinking water. Even if we’re fortunate enough to have access to clean water, most of us don’t realize how it gets contaminated. Water pollution occurs when chemicals or organic matter make their way into our lakes and rivers. Here are some tips for using fresh tap water safely

Fertilizer Pollution

Natural fertilizers such as manure and rotting plants release nitrous oxide into our atmosphere. While nitrous oxide is a gas, it can form acid rain particles that lead to soil erosion. Nitrous oxide is also a greenhouse gas and contributes to global warming, which increases water temperature and causes coral bleaching. Soil erosion leads to mudslides and flooding, which kills plants and wildlife. Deforestation further accelerates global warming by releasing carbon dioxide into our atmosphere.

Remedies for Pollution

There are a lot of dangers to our environment, but pollution has got to be one of the most serious problems around. The world as we know it is becoming increasingly polluted, and some places have experienced irreversible damage. To reduce your pollution, try these tips: turn off lights when you leave a room, use energy-efficient appliances when available, and make an effort to recycle. You can even encourage other people to make similar changes by writing letters and articles about why reducing pollution is so important.

Awareness About Pollution

Modern technology and industrialization have brought about numerous achievements, but we now face a different kind of threat to our environment – pollution. The word ‘pollution’ is derived from a Latin word that means ‘poisoning’. In contemporary times, it implies degradation of air, water and land. Various kinds of pollutants are created because of natural causes like volcanic eruptions, forest fires and cyclones or due to human activities like use of fossil fuels and radioactive wastes.

Conclusion and Recommendations

As mentioned before, many of our natural resources have been destroyed by pollution, and some even gone forever. It is now time for us to make a change, it is time for us to reflect on what we are doing wrong, and find ways to fix them. One way you can help prevent pollution from happening again is by volunteering with an organization that focuses their efforts towards environmental conservation. We will learn from past mistakes if we stick together as a community.

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