Story Of Farmers In India Essay

Story Of Farmers in India Essay

India is a major agricultural country. People of India have adopted agriculture as their livelihood since ancient times. Agriculture is the basis of progress. Agriculture has influenced the economy of India in many ways. Various agricultural products are produced only by farmers.

Ancient agricultural system

Farmers of independent India were not aware of advanced agricultural techniques. The main aim of the farmers in India was to make a living by adopting agriculture as a profession. The plough oxen, weak body, wooden plough were the main agricultural tools of the farmers in India. He worked hard all day with his head down, and his land yielded golden crops. The landlord was getting rich by exchanging his labour. It was not possible to apply chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or advanced agricultural techniques. Farmers had to depend on rain throughout the year. Due to lack of rain, many people were dying prematurely due to constant famine and drought. Various types of debt burden, oppression of moneylenders, long years or natural processes like lack of rain made the farmer in India destitute. The productivity of the land was decreasing day by day.

Current improved agricultural systems

Since the independence of the country, considerable progress has been made in the agricultural sector. Agriculture development has been prioritized through a well-thought-out, well-organised system through the Five Year Plan. In fact, there has been a revolutionary change in the agricultural system. Cultivation of land has become very easy with Kala langal, tractor. Not only tillage, but also sowing, planting, cutting, harvesting, transportation, etc., all kinds of agricultural work is possible with mechanized methods. Fertilizers, chemicals, pesticides, seeds of various types are being supplied on time at affordable prices. Farmers can get financial assistance from low-interest agricultural loan providers through Farmers' Cooperative Banks, Farmers' Seva Cooperatives etc.

Arrangements for the improvement of agriculture

Many steps are being taken for the betterment of agriculture and farmers. Above all awareness is being created in everyone's mind. Wherever there is electricity and water irrigation facilities, commercial agriculture is also practiced along with the cultivation of cash crops such as sugarcane, oil seeds, cotton, and jute using advanced agricultural systems. To increase the income of the agricultural sector, the government has introduced the Chaka bandi system. To encourage the farmers, the most productive farmers are rewarded by the government. National Farmers Day has been celebrated every year since December 23, 2001. Farmers are being trained by government officials in modern farming systems. Farmers are being awareness by broadcasting agricultural programs through audio and television. Transportation is being facilitated in the villages. Due to the construction of cold storage, farmers are able to sell their produce and get fair prices. Emphasis should be placed on proper use of irrigation water to solve the problem of lack of rainfall.


So far India has not improved in the field of agriculture. For this, there is a need to measure at the government level. Farmers in India should be encouraged at the government level. The economy of the country depends on the agricultural production of the farmers. For this, the full cooperation of the public is essential to the government's duty. Farmers need to be trained and equipped. Farmers are the backbone of a country. Farmers should not be neglected.

National Farmers' Day celebrated on 23 December every year in India.

For Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri Slong Jay Jawan Jay Kisan Farmers are the backbone of a country

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