Veer Surendra Sai A Revolutionary Leader

Veer Surendra Sai A Revolutionary Leader

Bira / Veer Surendra Sai Jayanti January 23

Odias are brave Indians. One of the heroes who laid the foundations of India's freedom struggle is Veer Surendra Sai.

Veer Surendra Sai Family
Who is the father of veer surendra sai ?
Dharma Singh is the father of bira surendra sai.
Who is the mother of veer surendra sai ?
Rebati Devi is the mother of veer surendra sai.
What is the wife of veer surendra sai ?
Subarna Kumari is the wife of veer surendra sai.
Who is the son of veer surendra sai ?
Mitrabhanu Sai is the son of veer surendra sai.

Surendra Sai was born on the 23rd of January 1809 in Khinda village of Sambalpur district, his father Dharma Singh wanted him to get general education in Odia, Sanskrit, Mathematics etc. But Surendra had no interest in general education since his childhood. He wanted physical education. His main goal was to teach martial arts. So Dharma Singh was forced to arrange to teach him physical education.

Surendra Sai was independent minded from childhood. He wanted to be free. For that he was training his brother, son, nephew. Day by day, many young men were assigned to his team.

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At that time, Maharaj Sai was a nominal king in Sambalpur. All rights belonged to the British Government. It was what they wanted. Maharaj Sai died in 1827. He was childless. Therefore, his closest descendants should get his kingdom. Surendra Sai was his closest descendant. But he was independent minded. They did not make him the king of Sambalpur because he was not obedient to the British. Narayan Singh of Bamanda was obedient to the British. So he was made the king of Sambalpur by promising to work. Surendra got angry when he saw that a man from another state came and became the king of Sambalpur. He presented his claim to the Irish government; But the Irish government did not accept Surendra's demand.

The government did not accept Surendra's demand. He counted the terror in his mind. The government was afraid that if Surendra was not arrested in any way, he would revolt against the government. So the government asked Narayan Singh to make friends with Surendra.

Narayan Singh sent messengers to summon Surendra. On hearing the news from the messenger, Surendra got angry and said, "Khosamtia Narayan Singh is saying that Maharaja has come to our kingdom. He has so much courage. You have come again to call Surendra Sai. Go, that Khosamtia of yours will tell Narayan, Surendra is a coward like him, not a man who will run to him as soon as he calls. If it is good for him, then leave Sambalpur throne and go to Bamanda. If he does not, Surendra will not keep him in Sambalpur.

The messenger ran away. Surendra said what he said to Narayan Singh. Narayan introduced himself as brave. But he counted in his mind.

Narayan Singh's messenger left. After this, Surendra called his brother Uddhant Sai, Paternity Balaram Sai, and Bhanu Sai and others to discuss revolution against the government of Sambalpur. Everyone asked for a revolution. Then Surendra Sai took food, weapons and some loyal people who supported the revolution and left for Sambalpur Garh. On the north side of the fort was a mushroom tree. There was a stone door near the mushroom tree. After knocking three times, the gate of the fort opened. The revolutionaries used to come and go through that way into the fort.

The British got the news that Surendra Sai was in the fort at Barahill. No matter how many times he tried to enter the fortress, he could not. How can you? No force is needed to enter the fortress. Need skill. They did not know that trick.

When did Surendra Sai prisoned ?

The British race was no less cunning. They could achieve any job with just skill. After not being able to enter the fort, they learned that there is some trick to enter the fort. So he looked for people who knew this trick and took a bag of money. There are few people who lose their intelligence when they get money. Follower Pahud Gand, a tribal of Surendra, fell into their trap. He forgot his duty when he received the bribe. Told the Irish how to break into the fort. The Irish did not delay any longer. The middle of the night crept into the fort. At that time, Surendra Sai with all was going to sleep. Surendra was surprised to see the Irish army inside the fort. But he did not lose his courage. At once they attacked; But could not. How can you? Was he already prepared? he was defeated but could not be captured. He sneaked out of the castle.

The British were the rulers of the country. He has no shortage of armies. At once came the great Irish Fouz. They surrounded Surendra. Surendra Au could not escape from their clutches. He was arrested and imprisoned by the British in Hazaribagh Jail.

Surendra did not have to stay in that jail for a long time. While he was in jail, the soldiers in India revolted against the British in 1857. Their work was to break the jails of the British, loot the treasury, discredit the Irish government and drive them out of the country. They ran thousands of miles. There they broke the prison and released the prisoners. On this occasion, Surendra Sai escaped from the jail along with other prisoners towards Sambalpur. When people saw him, they greeted him. Again the rebellion continued. Seeing this, the Irish caught Surendra and kept him as a prisoner. But Surendra escaped and led the revolution. He roamed freely, but no one dared to catch him.

After that, the Irish government continued to use tactics. So that Surendra Sai would not get popular support, the Irish government applied liberal policies in the field of governance. This strategy of the Irish was not very effective. So the British Government announced that Surendra Sai and others of his family would be pardoned if they surrendered.

By that time, the military mutiny in India was crushed. All the soldiers in India are brought to Sambalpur to suppress Surendra and to crush the revolution. So Surendra and his family have been wandering in the wild hills for years without eating or drinking and have become weak Surendra saw that it was not possible for him to lead a rebellion in such a situation. So he surrendered the family.

Last Breath Of veer surendra sai

But the treacherous British Government imprisoned Surendra and his family instead of pardoning them. Then the trial of the prisoners took place. The government thought that if Surendra Sai stayed in Sambalpur, the revolution might happen again one day or another. So he was sentenced to life imprisonment. On the 28th of February 1884, he died in captivity in Asuragarh. No one knew when his advice was mixed with soil; But everyone knew that he sacrificed for the freedom of his native land. That sacrifice has immortalized him forever.

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